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Five practical tips for gluten-free food in Mauritius

In July 2022 I made a 16-day tour in Mauritius. In this blog I have five practical tips for you to eat gluten-free safely in this beautiful country. Are you curious about my full travel report? Click here.

Tip 1: Bring a gluten-free diet translation in English and French.

Because Mauritius is very multicultural, no fewer than three languages ​​are spoken; English, French and Creole. The two official languages ​​in Mauritius are English and French, the locals mainly speak French and Creole among themselves.

Since almost everyone speaks English, it is easy to make yourself understood. But because English is not the first language for many locals, it can be useful to bring a French diet translation as well.

The term gluten-free is not well known in Mauritius, so it is important to always talk to the chef to see if they know what the gluten-free diet entails. Most chefs know (roughly) what it is but still have some questions. My experience was that they are eager to meet your needs and will certainly make an effort to do so.

Tip 2: Choose a hotel that is familiar with gluten-free.

We chose to stay on a half board basis in our hotels in Mauritius. This gave me some peace of mind because I didn't have to look for a restaurant every evening. In retrospect I am glad about that because we were regularly in remote areas where there was no restaurant within walking distance. I had a fantastic (gluten-free) experience at Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge. I sat down with the chef at the start of my stay to discuss my dietary requirements.

Read reviews on Tripadvisor and inquire with the hotel about their gluten-free options in advance. Do not rely solely on the allergen labels on the buffet because unfortunately they are not always correct. Do you have any doubts? Ask the chef!

Tip 3: Super U and Intermart supermarkets have a large gluten-free range.

I had brought a nice stock of gluten-free products with me in my suitcase, but halfway through our holiday I wanted to replenish my stock when we were at a somewhat larger town. I went to the Super U in Grand Baie, a very large supermarket that also had a wide range of gluten-free products. They had gluten free brands that were not known to me so that was fun to try out, I took a few things home with me.

Near the airport I tried the Kingsavers which was also a large supermarket but unfortunately they didn't have gluten free products. I've heard that the Intermart also has a fairly large gluten-free offer, but I haven't been here myself.

Tip 4: Take enough gluten-free products with you in your suitcase.

It's always a good idea to have emergency supplies with you when things get tough on vacation. This will prevent you from going out hungry and maybe deciding to eat somewhere where you are not entirely sure how they handle your food. Even without a medical certificate you can take a lot of food with you in your checked baggage.

Not sure which products are useful to take with you in your suitcase? Then take a look at this blog where you can see what my 'survival package' consisted of.

Tip 5: Do a lot of research beforehand.

The last, but perhaps the most important tip I want to give you is to do a lot of research beforehand. It seems like a no-brainer, but most mistakes are made when one decides to look for a restaurant on the spec. In the FindMeGlutenFree app I found one address that I gratefully used. In addition, there is a Facebook group called Gluten Free Mauritius from which you can get a lot of information. Of course I hope this blog also helps you on your way.

Are you curious about what I have done in Mauritius? In this blog read an extensive travel report.


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