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Gluten-free in the 'Efteling'

A few weeks ago I went to the Efteling for a day and was pleasantly surprised with the gluten-free options! You can find gluten-free products at various locations in Efteling. In this article I will list the gluten-free options in both the Efteling Hotel and the park for you. Please note: always ask a member of staff about the current options on site and indicate this with your reservation if applicable.

The Efteling Hotel

In the hotel you can enjoy a very extensive gluten-free breakfast. You will receive a list explaining which products of the breakfast buffet are gluten-free. Think of all kinds of toppings, yogurt and eggs. They also have gluten-free bread, muffins, chocolate rolls, sausage rolls, crackers, cakes and rice cakes. If you ask the staff, a gluten-free pancake can even be made for you.

The park

During my visit to the park I ate fries with a delicious gluten-free croquette at Station de Oost. The staff was well informed and fried both the fries and the croquette in a separate fryer. I'll list the other options for you below:

🍴 Gluten-free (and lactose-free) pancakes ➨ Polles Kitchen (note, reservation is handy due to the crowds).

🍴 Gluten-free ham / cheese sandwiches ➨ Bäckerei Krümel.

🍴 Gluten-free tosti ➨ In de Gelaarsde Kat.

🍴 Gluten-free pizza ➨ Bäckerei Krümel.

🍴 Gluten-free pasta ➨ Pinocchio's Pizza and Pasta.

🍴 Gluten-free fries / snacks ➨ Frau Boltes Küche, Smulpaap and Station de Oost.

🍴 Gluten-free potato twister ➨ Eigenheymer, multiple locations.

🍴 Gluten-free snacks (brownie, cookie, etc. ) ➨ Het Witte Paard and Bäckerei Krümel.

🍴 Eastern (nasi etc.) ➨ Toko Pagode take away.

🍴 à la carte (various options) ➨ Panorama.

Enough choice, you can leave your survival kit at home for once... Enjoy your visit!


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