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Fish and chips in Dublin

Something you should not miss when visiting Dublin is fish and chips! That's why I already researched where I could eat gluten-free fish and chips before my visit. I've never had fish and chips before so I was very curious.

My choice stood out Beshoff Bros given the good reviews in the FindMeGlutenFree app.

From outside I already saw a sign that they have gluten-free fish and chips. The waitress was well aware of celiac disease and informed me that they have a dedicated gluten-free fryer. Soon a portion of fish and chips with a GF flag came up to me.

The fries were nice and crispy and the fish came with a breadcrumb coating and a delicious dip. They are large portions so you have a good lunch!

Are you on a city trip in Dublin? Then don't miss this lunch address!


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