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Hotel Sol Barbacan

Hotel Sol Barbacan is located on the beautiful Gran Canaria, near the sea and the city center. The hotel offers modern apartments and bungalows, with self-catering facilities. Thanks to the wide range of activities and the swimming pools, you won't be bored for a moment.

A reader of the website recommends this hotel because of the many gluten-free options and writes the following: "There is a very extensive breakfast and dinner buffet, the chefs know what they are talking about and cross-contamination is of paramount importance. My daughter is very sensitive but has had no problems Bread is baked in a separate oven, a separate pan is used for eggs with bacon and there are different types of yoghurt, fresh fruit and cereals.

There are also many restaurants in the area that serve gluten-free meals. The Burger King has a number of 'sin gluten' burgers, in addition, other restaurants on the boulevard offer gluten-free pizza, paella and all kinds of other tasty dishes. Las Palmas also has a gluten-free bakery, Pastelería Singlutencake, highly recommended!"

Don't forget to indicate during your booking that you have to eat gluten-free.

Have you also had such a fantastic experience in a hotel? Send me a message and share with other gluten-free travelers!

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