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Gluten-free flights with Emirates

In July 2022 I flew with Emirates from Dusseldorf to Mauritius with a stopover in Dubai. In total we would be travelling for 16 hours, this has become a lot more because we missed our connection flight in Dubai due to the disturbances at the airport of departure.

If you have a stopover in Dubai, keep in mind that there are very few gluten-free options at the airport and they are also barely familiar with gluten-free.

Of course they sell chips and chocolate at every airport, but it can be nice to have something with you, just to be sure.

I was told that the Hard Rock Café at Dubai Airport has gluten-free options, however the airport is very big and we were in a different terminal so I didn't try that.

I had chosen not to take medical luggage with me, we had quite a lot of hold luggage (2x 23 kg), so I arranged half a suitcase with a survival package for Mauritius. You can also take quite a bit of food as hand luggage, as long as it doesn't contain liquid products. So in my hand luggage I took some snacks and crackers in case of emergency.

When booking the seats for your flight, you can indicate on the Emirates website whether you have any dietary requirements for your meals on board. Gluten-free is among the options so you can just check this box.

All went well on board. I didn't have to ask for anything, before the meals of the other passengers were handed out, someone from the staff already came to me to bring my gluten-free meal. A gluten-free snack was also provided, so I actually didn't have to use almost anything from my own stock. The meal I got was similar to the meal the other passengers got. Only the 'Reisbrot' was so dry that I didn't eat it, otherwise the food was quite tasteful.

Overall I had a good experience!


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