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Gluten-free food in your suitcase

For my trip to Mauritius I put together a fairly extensive survival package. Despite my research, I didn't quite know what to expect there, so I packed the essentials.

We stayed in hotels, I contacted them beforehand and they would provide some gluten free options for me.

What I brought with me:

- Bread, both oven buns and regular bread. I'm a real bread eater, so in case they didn't have gluten-free bread for me there, I brought some with me. To prevent cross-contamination, I also brought a roll of baking paper.

- Biscuits, we stayed on a half board basis so snacks were not included with the hotel.

- Pancake mix, easy to carry and you can get eggs and milk all over the world. Always handy in case of an emergency.

- Wraps, also easy to take with you and you can prepare it with everything that is available locally.

- Pasta, a gluten-free sauce can often be prepared, but there are few places where they also have the pasta in stock.

- Corn waffles, an ideal snack.

- Crackers, I like Schär crackers so much that I can also eat them dry, so it's always handy to have them with you.

I have chosen not to bring medical baggage. We already had quite a lot of hold luggage (2x 23 kg per person), so I just filled half a suitcase with gluten-free food. This has been more than enough for me during our 2 week holiday, luckily there was also enough available locally and the hotels were reasonably well informed.

In my hand luggage I only had a few snacks and a few crackers in case of an emergency. I got the rest on board, you can read about that in this articel.

Do you have any other tips that are ideal to take with you in your gluten-free luggage? Let me know below!


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