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Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge

Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge is located in one of the most beautiful spots in Mauritus. The complex is surrounded by the Black River Gorges National Park.

The photo in this article I took myself from the 'view top bar' of Lakaz. This bar is only open during the sunset and offers a beautiful view over the coast. A magical experience!

The complex offers luxury lodges and two swimming pools. There is also a spa where you can book a wonderful massage. Every evening you can enjoy an extensive 4-course dinner and in the morning you can enjoy a breakfast buffet, there are also lunch options. The staff are happy to accommodate dietary requirements.

We stayed here in July 2022, I had informed them in advance that I have celiac disease and therefore have to eat gluten-free. I was a bit nervous how it would go, it was my first time outside Europe and unfortunately it had gone wrong in our first hotel.

Fortunately I was immediately reassured on arrival, the chef told me that they had a briefing with the kitchen staff and discussed my gluten intolerance.

At the breakfast buffet I got homemade gluten-free bread and pancakes. Dinner was a la carte, you could choose from a few options every night. The staff recognized me right away, brought a basket of gluten-free bread and someone came over to go over the menu for that evening. Where necessary, my food was adjusted or I was given a worthy alternative. I had a delicious meal and was able to enjoy my holiday carefree!

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